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 Does your winter feature chestnuts roasting by the fire or mostly huddling under blankets indoors?

You’ve likely seen a large pyramid or mushroom-shaped metal object radiating heat at your favourite outdoor dining spot. 

Have you considered a similar solution for your outdoor space at home?

Indoor heating driving up your power bill?

Find the right heater to efficiently radiate heat.

Patio heaters come in various forms including floor-standing, hanging, wall-mounted, or tabletop. Patio heaters can be powered by natural gas, electric current, propane, or wood.

  •  Natural gas heaters are often chosen to make use of an existing natural gas line. Natural gas burns cleaner than wood and are relatively easy to maintain. They require professional installation and thus require a higher upfront cost.
  • Electric heaters are easy to use, somewhat portable, and safe to use indoors. Electrical patio heaters take longer to radiate heat.
  •  Propane heaters work quickly and can be easily moved. However, propane tanks are more expensive than natural gas. Propane patio heaters are not recommended for covered spaces.
  • DIY and commercial wood-burning heaters, fire pits, and chimneys are the most affordable options but require the most work. Wood is relatively difficult to light. Fire produces sparks and embers which require constant supervision.

Buying Guide | How to Buy a Patio Heater

Put an end to the winter chill down your spine. End the shivering. Extend the outdoor season even amid brisk evenings and colder months, creating a year-round outdoor space for family and friends. Outdoor heaters can be fairly inexpensive and low-maintenance appliances, but you may encounter some frustration sorting through the hundreds of models on the market today. Many seem identical, with only a few subtle differences of note. To help clear up the confusion, our outdoor heating experts compiled this guide covering the main points to consider when buying a patio heater. It’s our hope that the warmth of our wisdom will lead you toward the right decision for your space.

Considerations When Buying Patio Heaters

  • Residential / Commercial Warranty - Choose from a brand that offers commercial warranties to ensure heaters stand the test of time.

  • Heating Area - Measure the length, width, and total square footage of the space you need heated.

  • Outdoor Heater Accessories - Permanently mounted heaters should be professionally hardwired. Consider options such as an on/off switch, dimmer switch, remote control, or wifi-enabled smart controllers.

Patio Heaters For Hosting Friends Outdoor.

Outdoor winter events are possible. Heaters make it possible to host an outdoor event like a dinner, wedding, private concert, film screening, awards gala, graduation, or even a kid’s birthday. As the cooler weather rolls in and as the sun goes down, don't shuffle guests indoors. Renting a patio heater can be a cost-effective way to maintain a seamless flow of outdoor enjoyment.  

Enclosed Outdoor Events

To properly heat a tented event, you will need about one heater for every 1,500 square feet. That's

the average and can shift depending on several factors:

  • More guests in a tighter space will require less heat.
  • A shorter tent will require less heat.
  • Open ends to the structure will require more heat.

Open-Air Events

Open-air events are terrific during the summer and fall months. In warm southern states, you may be able to comfortably run them into winter with a little help from your local patio heater rentals outfit. Both Patio Comfort and Sunglo lines are uniquely suited for this type of event planning. Heaters from either line will be both visually appealing and last the entire party.

By centralizing intimate group seating arrangements and food near the heat sources, you will pull

your guests together. While exciting food, beverages, and entertainment are key factors, a great

party is always about the terrific people.

Whether you are a parent hosting a graduation party, a friend helping to organize a wedding

reception, or a professional event planner, propane heater rentals are an excellent and cost effective way to ensure that guests remain comfortable from beginning to end.

Ready to design your dream outdoor space for year-round enjoyment? Contact us to learn more about how you can turn your backyard into an outdoor palace!

"Due to a rush before the Thanksgiving holiday, we're seeing extremely low stock of all the patio heaters we recommend. Given safety considerations for outdoor heating appliances like patio heaters, we only recommend purchasing from a reputable brand."

– Business Insider, November 2020

"keep cold-weather gatherings warm while you're social distancing"

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